About us

Cherry Blossom Preschool was founded in 2022 by Cheryl Oram.

Cheryl took over the preschool in Luckington from the hugely successful Pumpkins nurseries, owned by Amanda Wallis.

Cheryl has worked in the Early years sector for over 16 years and strongly believes that creating a secure foundation for children is fundamental to their development in the early years. By attending Preschool, children benefit from routine and structure on offer, they can develop their independence, confidence and freedom to create relationships with others.

We highly value play and the learning it brings in itself. Anyone who has observed play for any length of time will recognise that, for young children, play is a tool for learning.

At Cherry Blossom Preschool, children have the opportunity to think creatively and problem solve alongside others. They express fears or relive anxious experiences in controlled and safe situations as well as re-enact positive experiences building self-awareness and self-esteem.