Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

At Cherry Blossom Preschool, we respect the privacy of children and their families and ensure confidentiality at all times.

We aim to ensure that all parents and carers can share information with us in the confidence that it will be used only to enhance the welfare of the child. We expect that all users of our setting will also respect and maintain the confidentiality of our setting and the children and staff within it.


  • Parents and guardians have the right to access files and information held on their own children but do not have access to information about any other child
  • Staff will not discuss personal information given by parents or carers with other members of staff, except where it affects planning for the child’s needs
  • Staff induction includes an awareness of the importance of confidentiality
  • Staff will not discuss any information gained in the course of their work with any persons outside of the setting or comment on children’s development with any person not involved in the child’s care
  • Personal details relating to children and their families are kept in a secure filing cabinet and are only accessed by authorised members of staff
  • Any concerns/evidence relating to a child’s safety are kept in a secure, confidential file and are shared with only those people directly involved in the care of the child
  • In cases of child protection and safeguarding concerns, where reference has been made to Social Services, Cherry Blossom Preschool is required to share all information relating to the child upon request from the statutory authorities including OFSTED.

User Responsibilities

  • Users of the setting may not engage in any on-line activity that may compromise the reputation of the setting or the safety and well-being of staff or children

Social media

  • Users of the setting will not share any photos or videos taken at nursery and posted on private social media pages e.g., Parents Private Facebook page.
  • Only parents who have children in attendance at the setting can be part of this page
  • Parents will be removed from private Facebook page, when their child leaves the setting

Nursery Performances or events

  • Users of the setting will not share any photos or videos taken at nursery performances on-line and are only given permission to take photos or videos for personal use and assuming that no objection has been raised prior to the performance

Leaving the setting:

  • When a child leaves the setting, information will be kept for as long as the relevant retention period. All information which is not required will be shredded or deleted.


By providing your personal data to us you consent to the processing of such data.

POLICY: Confidentiality and Privacy

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